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At BLUEROOT, we're serving up delightful, delicious, and nutrient-dense food for those on the move -- because we don't think anyone should have to sacrifice quality or nutrition for convenience.

Our seasonal, produce-forward menu -- crafted with love by our James Beard award-winning chef -- is a highlight reel of the very best our local farmers have to offer. And with a wide variety of delights to choose from, everyone (even those with special eating styles or food restrictions) will find something bright and beautiful to suit his or her fancy.


We just wanted to be able to eat food that was good, good for us, and easy to get. It turns out that was a challenge in Alabama in 2019.

I was born and raised in southern California, where eating pure, clean, and whole foods wasn't a novelty - it was the norm. Growing up with that mentality informed the way I ate and lived even after I left California -- playing sports in college, and living and working in New York City for over a decade after that. It wasn't always easy to eat clean, but what the two coasts had in common was ACCESS to healthy food.

When my husband and I moved to Birmingham a few years ago, we were charmed by the city and impressed by the fine dining scene, but we lamented the lack of quick, nutritious options. Instead of accepting the healthy food gap that existed for the every day Birminghamian, I decided to fill it. And I did so by following the formula that initially put this great city on the national food map: pairing incredible culinary talent with locally sourced foods.

I convinced two-times James Beard award-winning chef (and Birmingham native) Robin Bashinsky to help me dream up a clean and locally sourced menu, and with the support of Alabama farmers, the business community, local nonprofits, and city government, BLUEROOT was born. We debuted the brand in the spring of 2019 at Pepper Place Market, where we served up a small menu of clean delights next to the very farmers from whom they had sourced local produce and proteins. In the summer of 2020, we opened our first brick and mortar location, a New York City-inspired walk-up window in Mountain Brook Village that we affectionally call the Outpost. And in early 2021, we'll come full circle and open our flagship location in Pepper Place, where we'll offer our full menu, customizable options, and indoor and outdoor seating.

As we continue to serve you during these uncertain times, I'm convinced more than ever that our role is not just to feed you, but to fuel you. And I hope we have the opportunity to do that -- through our clean food, our collaborations with women and POC-owned local businesses, and our commitment to contribute to the economic growth of this Magic City. Thank you for your support.💙